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Here is an opportunity to 


Impact The Community!


There are many ways to serve


from participating in our assistance ministry to our young person's department. Please refer to the following list to find the appropriate contact and call 504.341.4858



100 Ministry Deacon

Deacon David Alexander

Sister Brenda Alexander


Accountant (internal)

Sister Kenosha Perry

Administrative Assistant Ministry 

Sister Sandra Crump

Junior Ushers


Library Ministry

Sister Idella Washington

Love Abounds Café 

Sister Kenya Rhea

Bell Choir

Sister Marlena Murray

Ministry list

Madelyn Clement Ministry

Sister Deborah Humphrey

Birthday Ministry

Sister Gwendolyn Cook

Male Choir Ministry

Reverend George Murray

Boys to Men Ministry

Brother Ernest Green

Married Couples’ Ministry 

Deacon Edwin Reliford/Sister Deborah Reliford

Church Anniversary Ministry

Sister Hilda Thompson

Church Announcer Ministry

Sister Pearl Bowen

Church Sign Ministry

Sister Tamara Hoskins

Cheer Leaders Ministry

Sister Jessica Jones

Media Ministry 

Perry Emery (internal)

Sister Brenda Alexander (email/text)

Sister Gwen Cook (television/radio)

Sister Luester Blair (newspaper)

Sister Ashley Sturgis (webmaster)

Sister Jessica Jones (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)

Men of Vision Ministry

Minister Timothy Hoskins

New Members Ministry 

Sister Brenda Alexander

Christian Leadership School Ministry

Sister Sandra Burrell Crump, Dean

Creators for Christ Ministry

Sister Michele Walker

Computer Technology Ministry

Deacon Jerome Mosley

Custodial Ministry

Sister Enzell Gaines

Pastor’s Support Ministry

Sister Connie Encalade

Philadelphia Missionary Ministry

Sister Darlene Madison

Prayer Line Ministry

Dr. M.C. Zeno

Picnic Ministry

Deacon Brian Williams

Dance Ministry

Sister Doris Green

Deacon Ministry

Deacon Jerome Mosley

President's Choir

Sister Kenosha Perry

Scholarship Commission Ministry

Sister Mary H. Carter

Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess June Williams

Senior Choir Ministry

Sister Marlena Murray

Department of Emergency Preparedness

Deacon  Jerome  Mosley

Evangelistic Ministry

Minister George Murray

Senior Usher Ministry 

Brother Anthony White, Sr.

Sick Ministry

Sister Martha Simon

Finance Ministry

Deacon Jerome Mosley

Singles Ministry

Brother Brandon McDonald/Sister  Courtney  Clofer

Food Bank 

Sister Rhonda Clofer

Social Justice Ministry

First Lady Margie Loud Zeno

Golden Seniors Ministry

Sister Marie Pattterson

Greeters Ministry

Sister Paulette Warner

Health Care Ministry

Sister Courtney Cofer

Homecoming/Family and Friend's Day Ministry

Sister Angela Simon

Sunday School Ministry

Deacon August Daggs, Jr

Transportation Ministry

Brother Anthony White

Vacation Bible School Ministry

First Lady Margie Loud Zeno

Women of Vision

Sister Tracy Miles

Youth Training Bank 

Sister Mary Lillie

Youth / Young Adults Choir 

Sister Ruby Salvant

Young People's Department Ministry

Sister Ruby Salvant

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