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From the Pastor's Desk:

​Saint Joseph is a very visible and present influence within this greater New Orleans community and the State of Louisiana.  We have helped build houses for the homeless, fed the hungry through our feeding program and food bank.  We have provided clothes to the needy, ministered to the incarcerated and helped those who suffered loss during disasters.  The worship experience is powerful and meaningful for youth and adults.   The many youth activities help keep our children engaged and maturing in the Lord.   

​Powerful prayer services and Bible Study that touches the heart and are life transforming are staples within our fold.Spirit-filled worship experiences moved by songs of Zion and anchored by the preaching of the Gospel  draw our church closer to the Lord. There is a spirit of generosity in service to God and His people. St. Joseph, you are a people who are steadfast in giving, praying and fasting and being in one accord.  Together and by the power of God, we have accomplished much and serve as a beacon light in a dark world and a place of refuge to a sin sick world.

We are a church that helps others.  This is our calling and our mission. God has called us to evangelize the world and we can do nothing less.   I invite all who are tired of walking in darkness, the lonely, the hurting and those bound by the shackles of the enemy, those who want to grow and to know God, to come be a part of this wonderful ministry.  We are the “Church Where Love Abounds”!  (1 John 4:10-11) You will find peace for your soul! 

Rev. Dr. Melvin C. Zeno

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